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This section provides the digital edition of a descriptive and regulatory road vocabulary (Garcés and González, 1875), two road construction manuals (Manuel Pardo, 1892 and José Luis Escario, 1943), a concrete bridge construction manual (José Eugenio Ribera, four volumes published from 1925 to 1932), an assay on the Roman bridge at Cordoba (Luis Sainz, 1894) and a cartography manual (José Gavira y Antonio Revenga, 1968). These editions, which could very easily extended to new titles, have been prepared to help to interpret the historic technical documents contained in this information system.

Also included are the digital editions (Roads, Railways and Ports, lighthouses and airports) of articles about public works in Andalusia published from 1854 to 2004 in the Revista de Obras Públicas journal.

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